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StudenT-StudeNt ku YAnG diKAsIHi,,, NI tokmoh NAk ShaRe INfo SKeT!

MSC Dgn Kerjasama KDI mengadakan Kursus InitiatiVe yang AmaT2 BerGune KEpaDa KIte! sO Ini Adalah PEluaNG YAng RugI saPE x AmiK…


BawaH ni TokMOH BrieV SkeT Undergraduated Course,

de banyak g,, so try ar usha link bawah NI k



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Undergraduate Skills Programme

The Undergraduate Skills Programme (USP) is specifically designed for Undergraduates who wish to enhance their skills in programming, database, operating systems, networking and much more. These technical and soft skill courses are inline with today’s ICT industry needs and will increase the marketability of Malaysian Undergraduates. MSC Malaysia status companies will also get an opportunity to interview the undergraduates during the course duration.

Fast Facts

Fresh graduates (between 0 and 12 months upon graduation) and MSC Malaysia status companies

Its objective is to assist soon-to-be graduates to gain relevant industry skill sets and encourage employability.

Key Benefits:
USP provides free training to assists soon-to-be graduates to gain relevant industry skill sets, during the industrial attachment period. This will enhance the talent pool for MSC Malaysia while improving their employability upon graduation and reduce unemployment.

For more information
Tel: 1-800-88-8338 (within Malaysia)
Tel: +6 03 8315 3000 (outside Malaysia)
Fax: +03 8315 3115

Opportunities Created through the MSC Malaysia Undergraduate Skills Programme
  • Undergraduates can:
    • Enhance employability in today’s competitive job market by having additional industry relevant training.
    • Be exposed to relevant development tools and techniques used by practitioners within the ICT industry.
    • Have the opportunity to acquire industry relevant technical certification
  • ICT Industry can:
    • Have a supply of fresh graduates with industry relevant and current ICT skills.
    • Have the opportunity to employ directly from university level.
Skill Sets Available under USP

Under the USP, the skill sets identified are:

  • Programming (J2EE, .NET, XML, C, C++, PHP, etc)
  • Database (SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc)
  • Operating Systems (Microsoft, SuSE, Red Hat, Unix, etc)
  • Networking (TCP/IP, Wireless Lan, etc)
  • Creative Multimedia (3D, Post Production, Games, Pre Production)
  • Engineering (VLSI, DSP, RF, etc)
  • Soft Skills (Logical reasoning, presentation, etc)
Programme Details
  • Duration - 3 to 10 weeks (9am-5pm on a daily basis from Monday to Friday)
  • When - During internship / semester break / after final year exams (before convocation). Click here for the latest training calendar.
  • Location - In training labs provided by the IHL of successful undergraduates
  • Training Cost - Free for the undergraduates and IHLs
  • Food, accommodation & transport cost - To be borne by undergraduates
Who can participate
  • All Malaysian undergraduates
  • With a minimum CGPA of 2.50.
  • Passed the pre-assessment evaluation by KDI.
How to apply

It’s easy, just:

  • Apply online here.
  • And wait for approval notification from KDI.
  • KDI or the respective training providers will contact successful applicants; or
  • Alternatively, contact your IHL industry liaison officer and provide him/her with your full particulars.

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  1. gravatar Anonymous

    ouh. nk apply msti bdak2 yg amek relate ngn course yg ditawarkan la yer.. bdak2 course laen bley apply ni x?

  2. ehh,, ape x leh nye,, contoh klu u nak amik corse 3d animation pun bleh,,lagipun,, bkn undergrduate,, graduated pun ade,, tranee pun ade...msuk la,, dgr2 sponsor tau klu terpilih skali... minimum req cume cgpa 2.5... x bektau pun course yang korunk amik..