2nd year degree..... Getting more and more Fuzzi!!

Hahah,, i dont know how to say,, but this is the worse part of my liFE ever...!!
But eventually I've PasT mY softskIll!! yuuuuuuhuuuuuu....
Dammit,, i got 4 paper fail, hate that much the mathematics things!!

wanna see changing of my life? here it is!:

this is me! my first semester in university

i'm i change on 2nd semester? huhu.. dont think so...

hahah,, gotcha!! i'm changing!
a litle bit harsh right??

on my 3rd semester!!

and now on my current semester!! hihi... i've changed a lots!!

and guest what? this is me right now!!

well??what do u think??

i'm happy in what i'm now.. but some people said that i'm crazy,,, what a loser..
huhu,, but i dont care because I'M WHATEVER THEY SAY I'M!!

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3 Responses
  1. haha......dh besau adik pupu aku gupernya....leh sau tak?..wawa!!! cool r ko nyer site!! abg punyer site x cool lansung cam ko

  2. k la
    aper2 kol...
    ni tak nyoroK cam aRnab
    maner nk jumpa lubang

  3. whatsup2 bro,,leh bessoooooooooooo gile,, hahah
    heheh,, mane de nyorok le,, hehe,, orite2!! de pape ak kontek laa